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  • Performance Management
    Performance management is an essential tool for high performing organizations. It clarifies job description and expectations. We develop leaders to set appropriate expectations for team members and be helping their team members excel in their performance by giving useful/necessary feedback.When Performance Management is done properly, team members have a sense of clarity on expectations, and they feel developed to their fullest capacities. Team member behaviors are aligned to organizational goals and leaders are able to make sound human capital decisions. Read more
  • Conflict Resolution
    Conflict is a part of any/every organization. How leaders manage conflict determines the wellbeing of that organization. A conflict averse leader is going to create room for chaos. We train ...leaders to embrace their role in addressing conflict and provide the tools to do so. Read more
  • Executive Coaching
    Our executive coach provides executive level coaching for senior leaders of your organization to enable them function effectively as C-Suite leaders. ... Read more
  • Employee Relations
    We mitigate risk for your organization by providing Employee Relations solutions which include, workplace investigations, proactive coaching of your leaders to have crucial conversations and ...implement an effective corrective action process. Read more
  • Learning & Development
    Learning and Development (L&D) is the engine that drives success for any organization. L&D helps to enhance the skills, knowledge, and competency of team members which leads to increased performance. L&D is essential for the growth and success of any organization and its team members. ... Any organization that is not constantly learning is not developing. L&D impacts team members and leaders by building their personal capacity, which leads to development of professional capacity, invariably impacting organizational capability. Let New Horizons help conduct a skills analysis, identify skills gaps and curate appropriate learning to close the gap when necessary. Let New Horizons curate relevant training opportunities including periodic online or in person courses/training to upskill your team and enhance their readiness. Our consultants will certainly help you set your team up for success Read more
  • Leadership Development
    We help your leaders in their development in order for them to effective leaders of others. We help your leaders play an effective role in leading others by identifying current state, and ...taking them from their current state to where they need to be where your organization is concerned. Read more
  • Workplace Investigations
    A key role of Employee Relations in the HR function is conducting workplace investigations to determine cause of issues and appropriate sanctions when necessary. This also helps mitigate legal risk for any organization. ... We help conduct regular HR investigations for organizations as needed. We also work as an External Investigators for complex matters, especially when senior/executive leaders are involved. At the conclusion of our confidential investigation, we make recommendations to senior leaders. Read more
  • Organizational Culture
    Culture is how team members feel about their place of work when they wake up on Monday morning. We come alongside you to understand your organization ... and diagnose it’s identity. We help you determine your culture (shared values, beliefs and customs) and make a cultural statement from leadership, embraced by all in the organization. Read more


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