New Horizons Solutions is a strategic, results-oriented Human Resources

consulting firmfocused on providingpractical HR services to organizations

ranging from smallbusiness to large scale multi-national organizations.

We serve the following:

Tech and other startups.
Private and public profit focused entities.
Private and public nonprofit organizations.
At New Horizons, we study each unique business and support their

business leaders to develop, implement and deploy impactful Human Resources solutions

that align with each organization and its unique business goals.

Some of our services include:

Helping organizations determine their culture.
Helping organizational leaders embody and communicate culture in words and practice.
Mitigating risk by managing Employee Relations complex issues

through confidential and professional workplace investigations.
Training leaders for Performance Management.
Identifying relevant Human Resource practices requisite for the organization.
Developing and aligning HR strategy to business strategy.
Understanding and mitigating root causes for attrition.

We also support business teams by:

Creating the right environment for retaining high performing and productive employees.
Creating and maintaining leadership talent bench.
Identifying and deploying Learning and Development for leaders and team members.
Annual or Bi Annual Leadership retreat and courses in environments

that create the rightspace for thoughtful reflection.
Leadership and Team Member coaching, development, mentoring and training.
Policy development or analysis.
Regular Emotional Intelligence training or workshops for leaders.